2. I’m cute as fuck tho
    Like im really cute tho


  3. Every time I say I’m done with chicken , it calls me right back .


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    Erykah Badu ft.Mos Def-Afro Blu

    Today’s mood
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    Everyone meet Diandra! She’s a fellow traveler with her fro on the go . This picture was taken at the sun gate on Macchu Pichu. It was on a study abroad and they gave her an hour to climb up and come back down to catch the bus. Needless to say she was dying on the way up, but She made it there in 45 mins. When She got up there, she found a ledge that you can sit on and see the entire valley right below you. It was definitely scary, but exciting! She had fought so hard to get up there in time, and finally took a few minutes to feel the breeze, and enjoy what She had accomplished.

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    she embodies perfection

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  9. Ima wash my face and niggas gonna be like wow why do even you wear makeup and ima just be like it’s for me.

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    Kelis and Pharrell

    This lady was responsible for his style

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  12. Reasons why she was my idol as a child

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    VEST inspired by SIGNAL BOX, BERN, SWITZERLAND (2009)


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  14. I’m a hater

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    The Inkwell | Santa Monica, CA  1930s    1 of 2

    During the early 20th century, a section of the Santa Monica Beach referred to as the “Ink Well”  was one of the few areas in California where African Americans were allowed to enjoy beach access in a largely segregated society.  READ MORE Photo Credit: Los Angeles Public Library

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